Heat Treatment


Heat Treatment Services

OPS (OHIO Petroleum Services Co.) , a regional innovator in comprehensive on-site plant and pipeline maintenance continues to set new industry standards by utilizing the latest in thermal processing technology. As the promising innovator in the heat treating service’s industry, OPS has heat treating options from low-voltage systems to high-velocity combustion systems. Our field personnel are exceptionally qualified and experienced in on-site heat treating services, which is why we’re able to give you fast and correct solutions for any type of heat treatment situation. We manufacture,
own and operate the most complete and technologically advanced heat treatment equipment/machine available in the marketplace. The machine/equipment we manufacture is proprietary, is designed by our engineers and built at OPS manufacturing facilities. Our capabilities provide assurance to out customers that we can address virtually every possible heat treatment process regardless of temperature and /or application. We offers a full range of heat treatment services through a wide range of temperatures. We utilize both
electrical and fuel fired methods as a source of heating with the objective of bringing your project in on time and on budget.

Our onsite electrical heat treatment services include the following:
• Welding Preheat
• Post Weld Heat Treatment – PWHT
• Hydrogen Bake Out
• Heat/Shrink Expansion
• Permanent and Temporary Furnaces
• Calibration & Service
• Equipment Sales & Rental